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General Information


The state of Baden-Württemberg offers many HPC resources in the state. For example the bwClusters (bwForClusters, bwUniCluster) at the entry level are available for researchers and students from the state of Baden-Württemberg. They run a wide range of Open Source and commercial software packages. Researchers with a very high demand in computing resources can use clusters and supercomputers at higher levels.

The bwForClusters are for researchers in selected research fields (see bwForCluster info). The bwForCluster NEMO in Freiburg will be available for researchers of the scientific communities: Neuroscience, Elementary Particle Physics and Microsystems Engineering. The bwUniCluster is available for all researchers and students from the state of BW.

All available bwClusters including access, hardware, software configuration are described in the central wiki, as well. Here you can find the information about the installed software and how to run batch jobs on the clusters.

The bwClusters use the module environment system. This means that you'll have to load the correct module first to have a software installation available on the cluster.

We provide help for the technical side of the clusters and for the software packages as well. But because our resources are limited we can only give some hints and can't give ready solutions. We expect that users first try to solve their problems within a research group and use the material they can find in the wiki and in other documentations. We are not experts in all the software which is available on the clusters, so we would have to route these questions to other experts, as well. But there is the possibility to call for tiger team support on a regular basis, e.g. parallelization of code. This will be announced on the central web site and the newsletter.

The bwHPC-S5 project offers regular courses throughout the state of Baden-Württemberg featuring introductions and advanced topics for using the bwClusters. If you would like to have a course you can't find on the course list, please send us a request for that and who is interested in which topics. We can then try to provide this course at one site.

If you have problems on the clusters please name the problem exactly and send the in- and output and the scripts, as well. If you have problems with not working jobs send diagnose information like checkjob, as well (checkjob -v <JobID>).

A prerequisite for support is the use of our ticket system ( instead of personal messages. Otherwise individual requests might be lost and can not be tracked by other team members. We encourage the use of the official university email address clearly stating your affiliation (<e-mail-ID@<name-of-uni>.de), because we receive mails from the whole state.

We publish newsletters and other important information on our newsletter and HPC web site.

To subscribe to our the news mailing list, please send an e-mail to to To read previous newsletters visit our web page.