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This is a description how to get access to the bwUniCluster in Karlsruhe..


  1. Get the bwUniCluster entitlement if you do not have it already. To check your entitlements first please visit this page (

    This is for legal purposes and may take a few hours/days to be processed.

  2. Click on the link below:

    hand_mouse.pngbwServices-Webseite des KIT Karlsruhe (
  3. Choose "Ihre Universität/Einrichtung". If you are a member of the university of freiburg, choose "Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg".
    hand_mouse.pngClick on "Fortfahren"

  4. You will be redirected to the login-page of your university/institution. Please login with you uni-account/credentials.
    Enter  username and password andhand_mouse.png click on "Login"
  5. You entered the protected area of the website bwServices des KIT Karlsruhe.
  6. hand_mouse.pngClick now on "bwUniCluster - Service Beschreibung"
  7. A brief service description will appear.
  8. Read the content carefully! If you agree:
    hand_mouse.pngClick now at  "> Registrieren" at the bottom of the page
  9. You can access the bwUniCluster after clicking on the button "Registrieren"!

    The last step is to set you ssh password.
    hand_mouse.pngClick on the link "bwUniCluster - Dienstpasswort setzen".
  10. Enter your ssh password in both password-fields and click on  hand_mouse.png Speichern.
  11. You got access with your credentials and your ssh password to login on the bwUniCluster.
  12. Your credentials are available using the link Registrierungsinfos.

    hand_mouse.pngClick on the link bwUniCluster - Registrierungsinfos.