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AMD Epyc-2 Nodes ("Rome") available on HPC

Since December, NEMO offers four nodes with the new AMD Epyc-2 Server Processors ("Rome"). Each node has 2x64 cores running at 2.25 GHz and 512GB RAM. The cores can boost to up to 3.4GHz depending on the overall workload. Additionally, each AMD node is fitted with an Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU.

AMD Epyc-2 Nodes ("Rome") available on HPC - Read More…

NEMO-2 Grant Application

We are sorry to report that the NEMO-2 grant application will have to be delayed until February 2020. This decision was taken by the Working Group of the Computer Center Directors of the state universities. This is induced by the "Antragslogik" in the bwHPC federation and is a completely new information. To those who contributed so far: Sorry for pushing so hard for the deadline in November. In retrospect, this could have been slightly more relaxed. On the other hand, this means that further interested parties that had missed their chance are invited to submit "wissenschaftliche Beiblätter" until end of January 2020.

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Software Modules Changes

Traditionally the start of a new year brings the opportunity for tidying and decluttering of things. We want to make the software usage clearer and easier for users and reduce support cases for to many old modules and reduce the complexity of module dependencies especially to older software versions.

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Procurement of bwSFS

The Storage-for-Science system is intended for modern data management over the complete life cycle of scientific data. The NEMO communities are significant shareholders in this system. We just received the first round of offers and will start negotiatons with the system providers at the beginning of next year. Until then we handle individual data management use cases on existing hardware like bwCloud.

Procurement of bwSFS - Read More…

Visualization Nodes available

NEMO now has two visualization nodes that are directly available via ssh: and We would like to stress that the visualization nodes are for first and foremost for visualization tasks. If we see activities that interfere with legitimate use (e.g. heavy computations), we reserve the right to end those activities without further notice.

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