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This form is only applicable for members of the University of Freiburg (employees and students).

To use the bwClusters, you'll need an entitlement, which will be connected to your university account.

The bwForCluster entitlement you'll need for registering to the bwForClusters in Freiburg, Heidelberg/Mannheim, Tübingen and Ulm. The bwUniCluster entitlement is necessary for registering at the bwUniCluster in Karlsruhe.

This is a required legal procedure. You should get the entitlements within 2 working days. If not, please contact us: hpc-support[at]

Please fill out the following form.

Entitlements   I want to apply for the entitlements bwForCluster and bwUniCluster.

Agreement to terms of use  


Examples to the respective fields:

Uni-Account jd1001
Firstname, Lastname Jane Doe
Institute or Department Institute for Molecular Astronomy
Short description of activities related to HPC Research on unified field theory