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Limits on NEMO Login Nodes

For the NEMO login nodes, the maximum resource consumption is 2 cores (including Hyperthreading) and 10GB of RAM. If you need more resources, please submit interactive jobs.
  • The limits apply to the aggregated usage. Users can start more than two processes (or threads) on a login node, but all these processes or threads will share the cpu power of two cores
  • Interactive jobs can be submitted via "msub -I" (capital letter i as in Interactive). As usual, you can give additional resources in the moab job description file or on the command line
  • There are several nodes exclusively reserved for interactive jobs. Interactive jobs will start even if NEMO is otherwise completely booked
  • If your interactive job needs a lot of resources (i.e. long walltime or lots of nodes) it will have to compete with non-interactive jobs again and will have to wait for normal compute nodes to become available